Your Speed, Our Greed: Images From the E-Book

Unique. Outlandish. Absurd.

Welcome to the wonderfully ridiculously  world of A.I Motors, a showcase of over-the-top cars for millionaires with more money than class, Your Speed Our Greed showcases cars that would never be made (and justifiably so).

Your Speed, Our Greed is available as a download for Kindle e-readers for the low, low price of 3.99. Act now, and we’ll throw in, at no extra charge, an AM radio and a free spare tire (subject to availability and personal whims).



Your Speed, Our Greed  began with some fun AI-generated cars on Midjourney, which became a car brochure from a fictional car company, with a ludicrous fictional history, which grew to include specialized lines of cars for special kinds of weirdos, and concludes with a tour of the company’s secret corporate resort. Every single image is A.I. generated, with original text by Michael K. Lyman. It’s safe to say there isn’t another e-book like Your Speed, Our Greed.

Images from Your Speed, Our Greed


Get your copy of Your Speed, Our Greed TODAY!

This innovative e-book is available on Kindle E-readers for the low, low price of $3.99! And if you act NOW, we’ll throw in (and I’ll have to speak to the sales manager about this, y’unnerstand…) a free AM radio, rear seat belts, bulbs, and EVEN, because I like your style, a spare tire!


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