Ybor City Pride Parade 2023

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Ybor City Pride Parade 2023

With the relentless attacks and bigotry directed toward the LGBTQ community, under the guise of “parental rights”, it’s more important than ever for a community under siege to support each other. This year’s annual Ybor City Pride parade took on a heightened importance under these circumstances, as people came together to express solidarity, tolerance and acceptance, something that seems to be shrinking these days.

LGBT Truckers

Shelle Lichti is the owner operator of the Rainbow Rider, a truck which makes a bold pro-LGBTQ message. Such a message hasn’t come without consequences, however; her truck has been vandalized and attacked (her brake lines were even cut in one terrifying incident), presumably by God fearing, Bible thumping Christians appalled by the notions of compassion, tolerance and empathy.

LGBT Trucker Facebook Page

The Parade

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